Wednesday, April 30, 2014

A Legacy of Love

Mission trips are funny things. Well, for that matter. . .missionaries are really weird people to begin with. Every  missionary has a story about how they came to be called to missions. Some of us have particularly trying experiences that brought us to this. But each of us. . .all of us in fact. . .have a legacy that God is fulfilling through our obedience to this calling.

This group has been a lot of places. We are truly a diversity

We've been in tornado torn communities surrounded by destruction and death.
We've been those same communities, surrounded by grateful families.
We've been in cities that are still recovering after a decade.
We've worked in our own backyards, serving our own community.

We are made up of:
Construction workers
Information Technology Specialists
Moms & Dads
Sons & Daughters

We're all missionaries. We all have a story. We're all part of a legacy.

A unique opportunity has opened up to our Motley Crew. In the shadow of two cancelled trips, it looks like we're wanted in beautiful Iva, SC. Michael and Tammy Kennedy, founders of Legacy Ministries & Children's Home, are eager to welcome a team willing to put some effort into the building of the children's home there. We'll be preparing space for 8-10 children to start with, potentially more to come. While they're shopping for the perfect location, we'll be busy divvying up the jobs, and recruiting plenty of willing hands.

Why? Because Jesus loves the little children. Because Jesus love us. Because Jesus gave us a legacy of love that we're meant to give away.

Ever though of going on a mission trip? Want to know more? Email ME!. . .I dare ya.