Wednesday, May 15, 2013

May Updates

This month is going to be a big PUSH month - Pray Until Something Happens!!

After having a number of venues fall through, we are desperately seeking a location to have our fundraiser before leaving for the trip in July. We are confident however, that God will provide. In the meantime, here's what some of our photographers have been up to!

Gabrielle Mappone - PA - after teaching all day long, Gabrielle also donates her time to deserving high school seniors who would otherwise not have senior portraits. She also photographed her school play, and managed to work in a friends wedding the day before her first mothers day without her mom.

Helen Swartwout - OH - also a teacher, Helen spends her weekends filming the sweetest of lovies. . .the four legged babies of SAAP (Stray Animal Adoption Program). Helen's work contributes to the placement of these wonderful animals in forever homes. She is eagerly anticipating her first solo wedding, and is enjoying her new god daughter.

Holli Stevenson - OH - Hospice photography isn't enough and I've found myself busy gifting services to a deserving bride (photography, bridesmaid, AND venue host), promising services for an Affordable Housing project for the west side, and photographing the graduation of Oyler students who have beat the odds and graduated despite overwhelming factors that stacked the decks against them.

These are the people your dollars support. Already generous beyond measure, they are eager to get to Alabama and bless the socks off the people of Tuscaloosa. . .and fill the empty frames.

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